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Solar PV

Make savings on your annual electricity bill - as you will be generating your own electricity you will buy less from your energy supplier. Typical savings on your electricity bill are normally between 30% to 50% and even more with Battery Storage system added. 

Earn money from the energy you generate from the export tariff. 

*based first year figures and can depend on location, size and direction of system.

Why invest in Solar PV Panels?



Introducing Solar that really gives you the edge. Solar Edge has produced state of the art technology which enables systems to be even more efficient and excels when used with systems that have shading issues or where panels will be facing in different directions. Our own research has shown these systems can produce over 25% more power than a standard installation. Please ask for details.  


Free Hot Water

If you have an immersion heater your Solar PV system can provide you with some of your hot water for free. Please ask for details

Why choose GreenWorld to install your Solar PV?

Part of CAM Electrical Services Est 1984 - we are a friendly local family run business offering a cost effective and personal service.


Professional service - a complete package from design and supply to installation.


Approved installer - Fully qualified, certified and insured, installing both domestic and commercial systems.


Excellence in installation and after-sales service.


We pride ourselves in keeping our prices competitive and our overheads low.

We project manage each installation giving a personalised service.


We have a fully working demonstration system available for you to view.


We offer a full after sales service - maintaining and servicing existing systems as well as Inverter replacements and offering system upgrades to make your system work better for you.

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