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Battery Storage

Why invest in Battery Storage?

       Save Money

       Increased efficiency and resilience

       Control over energy usage

Battery storage helps manage electricity consumption. The battery acts as a store for surplus electricity produced by solar panels, instead of feeding it back to the grid. Combining battery storage with Solar PV Panels can save up to and even over 80% on annual electric bills. Some battery storage systems can also act as a fail safe power supply in the event of a power outage, allowing a supply to run off the energy stored.

For example, your solar PV system will generate electricity during the day when you’re out at work, and this can be stored in your electricity battery for you to use in the evening.


There are different types of electricity battery storage systems available for homes to suit your needs and we can install all types of Battery Storage systems available and can install a range of different options including Tesla Powerwalls. 

If your home is connected to the grid, an electricity battery will help you make the most of your renewable electricity, meaning your electricity bills will be cheaper and your carbon emissions will be lower. In an off grid home, battery storage can reduce your reliance on an alternative fossil fuel electricity generator and run your home or building free of charge for the majority of the year. 


Why choose GreenWorld to install your battery storage?

Part of CAM Electrical Services Est 1984 - we are a friendly local family run business offering a cost effective and personal service.


Professional service - a complete package from design and supply to installation.


Approved installer - Fully qualified, certified and insured, installing both domestic and commercial systems.


Excellence in installation and after-sales service.


We pride ourselves in keeping our prices competitive and our overheads low.

We project manage each installation giving a personalised service.


We offer a full after sales service - maintaining and servicing existing systems as well as Inverter replacements and offering system upgrades to make your system work better for you.

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