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Inverter replacements chester

Inverter swaps chester

Broken Inverter chester

Solar PV Service chester

Solar maintenance chester

Electric charging points chester

Battery Storage chester

EV charging points chester

Solar PV maintenance chester

Solar PV survey chester

Solar survey chester

Inverter replacements shrewsbury

Inverter swaps shrewsbury

Broken Inverter shrewsbury

Solar PV Service shrewsbury

Solar maintenance shrewsbury

Electric charging points shrewsbury

Battery Storage shrewsbury

EV charging points shrewsbury

Solar PV maintenance shrewsbury

Solar PV survey shrewsbury

Solar survey shrewsbury

Inverter replacements cheshire

Inverter swaps cheshire

Broken Inverter cheshire

Solar PV Service cheshire

Solar maintenance cheshire

Electric charging points cheshire

Battery Storage cheshire

EV charging points cheshire

Solar PV maintenance cheshire

Solar PV survey cheshire

Solar survey cheshire

Inverter replacements shropshire

Inverter swaps shropshire

Broken Inverter shropshire

Solar PV Service shropshire

Solar maintenance shropshire

Electric charging points shropshire

Battery Storage shropshire

EV charging points shropshire

Solar PV maintenance shropshire

Solar PV survey shropshire

Solar survey shropshire

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Shropshire Office; The Apiary, Stoney Stretton, Shrewsbury, SY5 9PZ 

Tel: 01743 821685

Cheshire Office; 4 Chantry Court, Chester. CH1 4QN

Tel: 01244 956975

Mobile:  07854 636710

email:    matt@greenworlduk.co.uk


About us

Green World (UK) Ltd is a family run business with experienced, highly qualified and courteous staff. Our head office is based close to Shrewsbury with an additional office in Chester.


We are fully accredited, certified installers and we design, supply and install systems anywhere in the country. Most of our customers are in Shropshire, Mid and North Wales, the West Midlands and the North West. 


We offer independent impartial advice offering the most suitable products to our customers. As we are a family run business we are able to keep our overheads low, offering competitive prices and providing an un-rushed service giving you time to think about what you really want and make informed decisions! We use a fully trained roofer to make sure your roof is secure and water tight after the panels have been fitted, if any alterations need to be made to any parts of the property we can call on a highly skilled builder to help us with this.


Solar PV systems are ideally suited to the British climate more than other hotter countries as the systems become less efficient over 25 degrees Celsius. Latest figures and projections show that returns can be normally between 8 and 15% per annum. These are tax free, which surely makes them one of the best investments around! Since the Feed in Tariffs (FIT) started on the 1st April 2010 nothing but positive feedback has been provided by our customers!


There is also the benefit of no carbon dioxide emissions from the panels and the system! We have a fully working demo system at our Shrewsbury headquarters and also one near Chester, which you can visit and be shown around to see how everything works.


We are certified installers through MCS, ELECSA and RECC.