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Inverter swaps chester

Broken Inverter chester

Solar PV Service chester

Solar maintenance chester

Electric charging points chester

Battery Storage chester

EV charging points chester

Solar PV maintenance chester

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Solar survey chester

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Inverter swaps shrewsbury

Broken Inverter shrewsbury

Solar PV Service shrewsbury

Solar maintenance shrewsbury

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Battery Storage shrewsbury

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Solar PV maintenance shrewsbury

Solar PV survey shrewsbury

Solar survey shrewsbury

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Solar PV Service cheshire

Solar maintenance cheshire

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Solar PV maintenance cheshire

Solar PV survey cheshire

Solar survey cheshire

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Electric charging points shropshire

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EV charging points shropshire

Solar PV maintenance shropshire

Solar PV survey shropshire

Solar survey shropshire

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Make huge savings on your energy and fuel bills...

Excellence in installation and after-sales service

Green World (UK) Ltd is a family run business offering electric charging points, solar PV & battery storage.


We pride ourselves in keeping our prices competitive and our overheads low

Electric Charging Points

Looking for a car charging point at home?

Authorised OLEV grant installer

Many products to choose from

Easy to install

Domestic and Commercial grants available 
and we do all the paperwork!

Solar PV

Why invest in Solar PV Panels?


Make savings on your annual electricity bill - as you will be generating your own electricity you will buy less from your energy supplier. Typical savings on your electricity bill are normally between 30% to 50%. 

Earn money from the energy you generate, receive index linked tax free returns for every unit of electricity you produce for 20 years from the Feed In Tariff. Average returns are between 8% and 15%* - and its tax free!

Battery Storage

Why invest in battery storage?


Save Money

Increased efficiency and resilience

Control over energy usage

We can install all types of Battery Storage systems available. 

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